AndyW LTD Review: Is It the Right Forex Signal Provider for You?

After searching online for the best Forex signals providers, we decided to test one of the very first companies to provide such a service online.

We found AndyW LTD to be online since 2013 and providing such service until today. It means they are on this for the past 7 years and we thought they would be the perfect match for the question we wanted to be answered – “how valuable such a service is for Forex traders”.

We went ahead and signed up to their service for a fee of $119/month. They also have a $69/month yearly subscription or VIP lifetime subscription for $5000.

We decided to take 1 month and see how valuable their service is.

We also noticed upon subscription that there are no trials offered, but they do offer a full money back guarantee in case their trader (who called Andy) losses during our first month of subscription.

After we completed our registration, we received an email with links to download a unique Forex Signals app called “AndyW Forex Trader” which is available on Android and iOS.

From that moment all the trades and activity were sent to us through the app with notifications.

The same notifications were sent through a Telegram private channel as well.

AndyW LTD Review

AndyW LTD Review: Is It the Right Forex Signals Provider for You?

We wanted to test how valuable such a service is, so we decided to lean our review on those areas: Trading success, Support, Comfort.

AndyW LTD Trading success

During the 1 month we tested AndyW LTD service the results were outstanding. They won nearly 90% of the trades. However, based on the performance chart on their website it is not like that every single month.

We must say that the chart was updated accurately with the number of pips won and lost so we assume their posting is genuine. We decided to give them 9 for trading success.

AndyW LTD Support Team

The trader himself is available daily on WhatsApp, other team members are also available through their live chat system on the website 24/7. They also reply to emails fast and offer a scheduling call directly with Andy the trader. We give them 10 for support.

AndyW LTD Trading Comfort

The trades were sent with full details through the AndyW app and Telegram and the service is easy to use. However, there is no option to automate their trades, so we decided to give them 8 for trading comfort.

We must add that we did automate the trades using a Telegram copier anyway 🙂

Since the first month was so awesome, we continued our subscription with AndyW LTD to verify some longer terms of results. Based on their results chart that we were able to verify during our subscription period we believe that AndyW LTD service is genuine and does have an exceptionally good overall return.

If you wish to become a successful Forex trader and use the 50 pips a day Forex strategy, click here and join AndyW LTD club to get exclusive Forex trades, analysis and signals notifications via dedicated APP, E-Mail or Telegram.